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A Must See: & Free Office Tools to Save Non-Profits Money

Giving programs and donations to non-profits are generally the first thing that companies scale back on when

  a struggling economy forces budget cuts. Fortunately there are great no-cost ways for non-profits to continue to administrate and build their organization in spite of leaner times. One simple solution that will shave cost dollars as well as provide opportunities for non-profits to discover new and innovative methods for collaboration and efficiency is to switch to free online office tools.

Featured here are a few online office tools that are tried and true applications – but don’t cost a penny.

Free Email Marketing For Non-Profits

They will have to verify your non-profit status.  Once it is verified, you will be enrolled.  You are able to send 10,000 "professional-looking emails" a month.  You can get a 15% discount on additional emails (past 10,000) as well.  Click on the title above to be directed to their website to get more information.


Make RSS Feeds

You can use these websites to make any webpage (your own or someone else's) into an RSS feed.  Everytime they update your page, your feed will also be updated!


 RSS Include (The BEST)




Can Animoto help promote your cause?

Automated, professional video

Animoto automatically turns your images, video clips and music into stunning videos. A static web site is easily forgotten: instead, engage your audience with video, on your site and elsewhere.

Drive traffic and donations

Use Animoto videos to convey a message with the right balance of information and emotional connection. Attract your audience back to your site.

Embrace the like-minded

Spread your message to users on social networking sites. Post easily to MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Capitalize on the power of social networks.

Fundraise through video

Raise money by reselling DVDs of Animoto videos, or kick off your events with big screen projections for powerful, emotional messages. 

Insert a translation button to your website (like what's on this site).


Insert thumbnail pictures of websites like what is on the Social Networks that Give pages on here.


Now you can display high-quality website thumbnails on your site with our easy to drop-in php or java code. Just enter the URL of the page you want to generate, choose a size and copy & paste the code. It’s super easy!

  • Caches for fast loading!
  • Build your web-apps with dynamically generated website thumbnails of any site or page using the supplied PHP code!