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Click 2 Donate

  1. How does my click generate money for charity?

    Sponsors sponsor the click to donate.  Every time you click, they donate money to that charity.  Try to visit their sites when you click since they are supporting the click to donate and they will continue to do so if they get traffic on their website due to it.

  2. How much is generated per click?

    It depends on the site.  Some clicks will only generate a fraction of a cent (which adds up when you have thousands of people clicking!), some will donate .25, others $1.  Sometimes when you click, it will tell you what your click generated. 

  3. Can I click more than once a day on a site to generate more money?

    For most websites, each computer/IP address is only allowed one click per day.  The site keeps track of this so you will only earn money for charity the first time you click.  Anymore, and the site won't even count it.  Only your first click counts, in other words.

    However, some websites allow more than one click per day.  In this case, it is mentionned in the description.

  4. How often are the links checked to ensure they are valid?

    I always try and click them each day, but even so, the clicks are checked at least once per week to make sure they still work.

  5. How do I know my click generates money for charity?

    I am in the process of verifying all the websites.  I am about half way done.  The ones that have been verified have an asterisk (*) by them.  I have not finished all of them though. 

  6. How do you verify a site?

    I either check their copyright/update date and if it is recent, I know that the website is still operating and being updated/used.  Otherwise, I email the website administrator and ask them if their site still generates donations for charity through clicks. 

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