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You can post a pet who is on death row (or in a no-kill shelter) to try & save them, or go to a pet's profile & click "Advocate" to share the pet on your wall & hopefully find the help they need. The more Advocates a pet has, the better chance they have of being seen by someone who can save them.

Pet Pardons is a facebook app designed to promote animals on death row at shelters, or in no-kill shelters, & find them a forever home.

Please join this group on facebook.  You can advocate for pets to try and keep them from being euthanized and spread the word so they have more of a chance of being adopted!



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On this site, you fill find a scrolling list at the top of the page.  Click the first animal in the list, then click the yellow button "Cliquez ici # fois".  Repeat with most animals in the list.

To access the website, click "Voir la fiche". Click the button marked "faire mes 5 clics" once. It should turn into "collecte suivante". Click it. You should go to another page, about another animal, but with the same button. Click it again. Repeat this process until you are back at the page you started at.