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“Be the change you want to see in the world.” -Gandhi

  Fundraise for a charity through Razoo

Razoo enables you to fundraise for your favorite charities.  See the website for more info by clicking on the logo above!

  Write a letter to a sick child.


A website that allows you to write letters, send cards, etc. to sick children in Hospitals to really make their day better!






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Sometimes volunteering may be difficult-you may not know where to go to volunteer or maybe you would like to find volunteer opportunities that suit your interests. Maybe you live in a rural area where there's few places to volunteer unless you drive a long commute. Volunteer Match is a website where you can put in your location and keyword and it will match you to volunteer opportunities. It also offers online volunteer options! Visit Volunteer Match by entering information above!


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Scientific studies have confirmed that feral cats are just as healthy as outdoor pet cats (See more about studies on the health of feral cats here). Since feral cats can't be adopted into new homes, calling animal control is the wrong move for them -- nearly 100% of feral cats entering shelters are killed.


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