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50% goes to charity 

Donates 70% of profits.


Proceeds help feed hungry children.

Blackle does not donate money to charity. However, since the page is black, the user's monitor uses less energy.


Each free web search saves about 2.4 yd² of rain forest.  It is also a totally green website so it's great for the environment. 


When you use iSearchiGive to search the web, your favorite cause receives exactly $0.01 per qualified search. The money comes from advertisers, so it costs you nothing, and it's completely free for you and the cause you support.


Donates 40% of profits to cleaning up the planet.  Also has a eco filter option which searches for green products/topics.


UK search engine.  50% proceeds go to charity.

 50% goes to charity

(about 0.01 for each search) 

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Scientific studies have confirmed that feral cats are just as healthy as outdoor pet cats (See more about studies on the health of feral cats here). Since feral cats can't be adopted into new homes, calling animal control is the wrong move for them -- nearly 100% of feral cats entering shelters are killed.


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