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The Non-Profits
Click For Charity (not updated anymore)
Clean Breath
One Click at a Time
Reiner Says Green
Clicks Give

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You can post a pet who is on death row (or in a no-kill shelter) to try & save them, or go to a pet's profile & click "Advocate" to share the pet on your wall & hopefully find the help they need. The more Advocates a pet has, the better chance they have of being seen by someone who can save them.

Pet Pardons is a facebook app designed to promote animals on death row at shelters, or in no-kill shelters, & find them a forever home.

Please join this group on facebook.  You can advocate for pets to try and keep them from being euthanized and spread the word so they have more of a chance of being adopted!


Hunger & Poverty

  • Click on the orange box to help quake victims in Japan!
  • Click on the Bread to Feed Homeless
  • Japanese Charity (Pick 1 of 3: 1=Blind People, 2=Education, 3=Medical Care)
  • Food for Hungry In India
  • Hungry Children
  • Feed Kids In Argentina (Click Dona Gratis)
  • Help Feed Kids In Africa
    (Click the box with two arrows)

  • Click the large plate to donate 1kg of food
  • Click the food package to donate it to a food bank
  • View ad to Donate Water
  • View each project's video and share them to donate
  • Click each logo to donate
  • Click each banner to donate
  • Click the blue button to fund restoration efforts for the Japanese tsunami
  • Animals

  • Feed Hungry Pets (Click the Food Bowl)
  • Click for Shelter Pets (click the "offrir un clic publicitaire pour la cagnotte" button).
  • Feed a Rescued Pet (5 clicks a day)*
  • Feed a Big Cat*
  • Donate Dog Food*
  • Donate Cat Food*
  • Donate Cat Litter*
  • Feed A Pet
  • Pick an Animal, Click the Orange "CLIC" Button and Repeat for Every Animal
  • Blankets for Shelter Pets (Click the "CLIQUEZ ICI" Button every six hours. This will make a small donation. You will be then asked a question (in French). Every right answer will make the donation bigger).
    Donate Horse Food (click the CLIQUEZ ICI button every six hours)
    Donate Shelters for Stray Cats (click the CLIQUEZ ICI button every six hours)
  • Click the button that says "Gratuit: Offrez Un Clic Toutes Les 6 Heures" Repeat for all the next animals until there is no button left to click


  • Save The Rain Forest
  • Save Chimps
  • Environment

  • Click For the Earth
  • Plant Trees Niagara*
  • Click For The Forest (Click the Wooden Button)*
  • Save The RainForest
  • Click on "Klicka har". Plant Trees & Neutralize CO2
  • Brazilian Charities-10 to choose from.
  • Forest Watch (Click the Red Button)
  • Click the boxes that say click.
  • Click on the box with the planet in it.
  • Listen to the Music to Donate.
  • Click the Pictures to Protect Forests.
  • Plant trees.
  • Health

  • Childrens' Hospital In Mexico*
  • Polish Charity (click the heart)
  • Support Special Olympics (click the floating box)
  • Health Care for Asian Kids (click the pictures)
  • Donate Mamograms (click the pink button on the left "GRATUITA")
  • Fund Cancer Ressearch

    Education & Children

  • Help prevent teen suicide (listen to all songs)
  • Give Four Minutes of Education (Viewing Is Enough)
  • Click both rectangular boxes with dark green writing.
  • Click "Click" to prevent suicide
  • Click the chest to support education
  • Let the page load. Click skip or watch the text appear. Click on one of the three boxes. Click the button on the right. Let the page load. Place the mouse over the image. When you are asked to click, click. Watch the animations or skip them. When the animations are over, refresh the page and repeat with the other two boxes.

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    Below are links to pages that offer a list of click to donate for animals (based on criteria).  You can click each one 5x a day!  Click each picture of each animal and click the red button five times each!


    To access the website, click "Voir la fiche". Click the button marked "faire mes 5 clics" once. It should turn into "collecte suivante". Click it. You should go to another page, about another animal, but with the same button. Click it again. Repeat this process until you are back at the page you started at.
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